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The environmental health of our planet affects everything we do. With a stable and healthy environment, we’re able to build an equitable society, and a just economy that allows all people the opportunity to lead a thriving life. Unfortunately, our way of life has put incredible stress on the environment, to a point where it can no longer sustain us if we continue living the way we have. But through behavioral changes big and small, individual and systemic, we can adapt, and build a culture of sustainability across the globe.


The DaisyChange 'perpetual impact machine’ not only encourages these behavioral changes, but rewards those who make them, and endows future leaders with the resources needed to create and nurture solutions for our stressed planet and societies. The power to create positive change will become more accessible than ever before in history, and those making positive changes will receive sustained support unlike ever before.


By using blockchain technology, and a token to reward those taking positive action, DaisyChange will empower individuals and organizations who are dedicated to environmental sustainability to become leaders and architects of change in their communities. Through the DaisyChange mobile app, all positive actions are tracked and measured tangibly and individuals, communities and investors will be able to see their impact on the environment in real time.

You don’t have to move out of your neighborhood to live in a better one
— Majora carter
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